So, dried fruit. Backs you up or gets things moving? I only ask because in the last two days I’ve consumed about three pounds of dried mango and I’d really like to know what I’m up against. Since tomorrow is the fourth and I plan on spending the entire day at the beach, I’d really like to know if I have to dedicate some bathroom time tonight or will be in the clear.

TMI? Sorry, dudes.

Actually, I’ve been living on fruit lately. For weeks. Not just the dried variety. I tend to go fresh as well. Which let me tell you, with ever-increasing food prices I’ve been spending a good chunk of my paycheck on $3.99/pound grapes. Grapes are my favorite summer treat — I freeze them! I get a big bag, split them in half and freeze half at work and half at home. They fill the void when all I want to do is eat and they take longer to eat when they’re frozen. A bride-to-be’s dream.

My dad recently asked me what I did to my diet since he said I looked skinny. (Woot!) Truth me told, I haven’t changed a whole lot. I still eat everything, just a lot less of it. And then there’s the fruit. After breakfast it’s all I consume until dinner, basically.

And up until yesterday things have been going just fine. Going in more ways than one, if you catch my drift.

But now I’m starting to feel a little…stuck. And I’m sure that the six mangoes residing in my stomach is not helping the cause.

If I was a masochist I would make my first visit in 8-ish years to the local Taco Bell. Followed by a giant jug of milk. And a bowl of chili.

Ew. OK, I’ll stop now.

Enjoy your 4th. I’m going to go finish off the last of the mango…

What? I can’t just let it go to waste!