I’m still struggling to figure out a way to share my life with you — without sharing too much. Honestly? When I have kids, I don’t think I’m going to be able to join the ranks of Dooce and Amalah and show you my babies growing up. For me, that’s the line in the sand. (Don’t worry, there will be belly shots.)

You may remember my last struggle with this a few months ago. Michael and I had a long conversation about privacy issues on my blog and I was forced to take a step out of this bubble I had created for myself and truly listen to my fiance.

So I made some changes. Photos came down, information was tweaked. I thought it would be horrible, but it wasn’t. I was OK.

Then slowly, little by little, I started sharing the photos again. Because this world has become a community and I feel like I know so many of you personally.

But there’s also many of you I don’t know. The ones that don’t comment, don’t write, don’t — well — anything. And I love you too, because there are many blogs I lurk through, not commenting, just enjoying. And I’m happy to be able to provide that space for you. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t stop and think about the one person that might not read with good intentions. The one person that may cause me or my friends harm if I reveal too much.

I feel conflicted over this wedding because so many of you have been with me through the entire journey. From a antsy girlfriend to an elated fiancee to an almost bride. I feel like I will be cheating YOU by not sharing my wonderful day.

So maybe there will be pictures, but no faces. And maybe pictures of the venue will be revealed AFTER we have long departed it. And one day you’ll see the tiny hands and feet and adorable shoes of my baby, just not the eyes that look like his father’s or the mouth that resembles her mom.

And that’s OK, right?

*Clarification: there will be wedding pictures. I’m just not sure in what capacity yet. You think I would deny you a dress picture after all this time?