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If you don’t follow me on my other various forms of social media, you probably don’t know I’m pregnant again. So, surprise! I’m…21 weeks pregnant. With another boy. I feel as though I have failed you as a blogger in withholding this knowledge so long. My apologies! Here, I’ll summarize for you:

– thought I wasn’t pregnant. Peed on a stick to rule it out because I was meeting friends for drinks. Forgot about the test for 20 minutes. Went to throw out what was obviously a negative test…only it was positive.

– begin to show immediately. By the third pregnancy my abs just gave up.

– start to vomit on a multi-times-a-day basis for nearly three months. That was fun!

– finally start to feel better around December.

– find out we are having another boy, which shocks most people except me. I knew it! Owen cried when we told him because he wanted a girl to create his own version of The Fresh Beat Band, which has two boys and two girls. He sobs we already HAVE two boys. Explain the idea of an all-boy band and he converts to Team Blue. Ryan couldn’t care less, but likes to pat my belly and say, “baby!”

That pretty much brings us to now. Baby boy is kicking and squirming, landing some good punches right to my bladder. He has no name yet, but this time I feel little urgency about it. Can’t leave the hospital without one, so he will be named eventually.

I am overjoyed and totally unprepared for the reality of three children, but come early June that will be our reality!

Sorry for holding out on you, friends. Still love you!


(Last week at 20 weeks. Complete with raging sinus infection and Breathe Right strip. Keeping it real, folks.)




I’ve even gone a while. I have no real explanation except good old blog-itis. I want to write, only I don’t. Life had been happening, only I haven’t been documenting it. Same old story. It doesn’t help that any time I even think about siting down at the computer, one of the kids pushes the other one down (Owen), or scales the furniture (Ryan), or chases the dog (both of them).

I think I just need a blog restart every now and then. As much as I think that sometimes I’m done for good, I just can’t quit this space. I’m glad I can take the break and come back home.

If you’re still out there reading, stay tuned. I’ll be back tomorrow (Really!)


(Cutest little super heroes ever on Halloween.)

You might remember I do some writing for MOCAFE (remember the chai giveaway? Be still my heart.) They’ve kicked off their year by offering a new promotion on Amazon each month and I told them I’d pass along the info to you!

When I think February, I think groundhog, leap years and love. And also…chocolate. With Valentine’s Day smack in the middle of the month, it’s a great excuse to indulge your chocolate craving all month long. You know I’m heading to the store later to pick up some marked down Valentine’s Day candy!

As promised, MOCAFE is marking down something new this month over on And what better choice than chocolate?

Today through March 14th, head over here and save 15% off all MOCAFE Azteca D’oro 1519 Mexican Spiced Chocolate.

This is my kind of sale. (And if you forgot a little something for your significant other the other day, now’s a good time to make it up to them!)

Thanks for the congratulations, everyone. We are super excited for this next little one to join our family. But before I talk about it, I need to get something out of the way.

I’ve gone back through my archives to compare my pregnancy with Owen (the baby stuff starts here, if you’re interested) to this one and omigod, you guys.


Like, seriously. I got all uppity at the time when some people suggested that maybe I couldn’t talk about anything but being pregnant, but now I will agree that all the preeeeeciousness and ammmmaaazingness and oh my goodness being pregnant is such happy little bubbleness of those posts is a little overwhelming. I mean, I’m glad I documented it all. I’m glad I can look back and remember all those tiny things that I probably would have forgotten and I really was completely and totally in awe of being pregnant for the first time. It’s really quite awesome. But still. I’d like to go back and tell first-time pregnant me to chill just a little bit and go eat another bowl of mac and cheese.

Please don’t misunderstand me, I am beyond thrilled to be pregnant again. I feel so very fortunate and blessed to be able to conceive easily and that everything seems to be healthy and going according to plan. But maybe this time, when I write about it, it won’t be so…I don’t know…Pink. And fluffy. And won’t be the topic of EVERY SINGLE BLOG POST OMMIIIGGGOOOD WHAT HAPPENED TO MY BRAIN?

Phew. Feels good to get that off of my chest. That being said, I’m still going to talk about it today! Hehe.


Thing is, even if I wanted to focus all of my energy on being pregnant again, I just can’t. Because unlike the first time when I was unemployed and had all the time in the world to daydream and la la la, having a toddler just takes most of my focus away from it. Owen woke up one morning and was suddenly this little boy who jumps on the couch and discovers a tote of clothes makes a great stool for climbing up onto our bed and is constantly running around, zooming trucks and knocking down block towers and is SO MUCH FUN, and also, very tiring. By the time his nap rolls around I find myself collapsing onto the couch and passing the heck out.

The nausea this time was way worse, but  it’s basically gone now unless I let myself get too hungry. The thing that kills me is the fatigue, which I’m sure is equal parts growing a human and chasing an 18-month old at the same time. Sometimes on days Michael is home, I go back to sleep for an hour or so in the morning because otherwise I’m not going to be all the mom I can be to Owen. And if we’re being honest, sometimes even that nap doesn’t stop me from laying on the couch while he plays because oooh, I need a break.

All those books I read the first time remain packed away or gathering dust on a shelf in our family room, because this time it just kind of feels like old hat. Even as I stood in the bathroom one afternoon holding the positive test while Owen played at my feet, my reaction was more of a, “Oh! Sweet!” as opposed to the first time, where I jumped on Michael in bed at 7 a.m. and shoved the test in his face. And yet, I’m still excited to feel that first kick because that part never gets old.

The major difference has really been the belly, which made an appearance at five weeks along. I had heard second (and third, etc.) pregnancies show faster since the muscles have already been stretched, but I wasn’t expecting to show so early, especially when we had planned to keep it quiet the standard three months. But no, there it was on full display. I even got outed by a stranger at a toddler birthday party at just eight weeks, which makes me think maybe I should, I don’t know, do a sit up or two (or 1,000) after this one is born.

(9 weeks with Owen vs. 9 weeks with Baby #2)

This pregnancy has also reverted my palate to the tastes of a 10-year old, because while I try not to, I could sustain on chocolate milk, mac and cheese and pizza alone. If it helps, all three of those things that I’ve been buying are organic varieties so…uh…healthy! Yes.

So there you have it, first trimester round two in a nutshell.

Oh yeah, the official due date is July 15th and I would put money on having another boy.

Now, I’m off to eat some pizza.

Is anyone still reading this? I’m only asking because a) I hardly ever get around to posting and b) when I do, not a lot of people comment. I’m not asking as a ploy for comments, I’m just asking because I’d like to keep writing AND I’d like you to keep reading. Only, I want to write a little differently.

Sometimes I go on these extended blog hiatuses because I’m super busy, or because I don’t really feel like I have anything to write about, or because I have a ton to write about, but can’t share it yet. (This is not the case this time. No bun in the oven!)

This past break has been because of reasons one and two. We are neck-deep in the process of selling our house. I’ve always heard it was stressful, but never realized how true that is until I was involved. We’re still in the “pending” part, which means the sale could still fall through any day. If it doesn’t fall through and the sale becomes real (oh please, oh please), then we have to continue the stress of finding another place to live by the closing date on this house. We still won’t know for sure for about another week, but that doesn’t keep me from having anxiety about it.

Reason two is that like in the past, I’m struggling with how to keep the readers I love and cherish, while evolving the blog in tandem with my life. I’ve felt this way before, and suspect I will again as my life continues to change shape. Like, I still love shoes (looooove shoes), but am buying far less than before because now we have on income and a family to provide for. So writing about all my shoe purchases doesn’t really work. I’m still a 20-something, (albeit, a very-close-to-30-something), but the humorous stories I used to share are now, while still funny to me, centered more about my child, or being a mother.

Things like budgets and recipes now interest me as much as Things That Smell Bad (see: fart post below), and I want to bring these topics all together in a nice These Little Moments package. I realize that motherhood, the state of my boobs, funny things my kid does and how much I spend on food each month might not interest the same readers that arrived while I was planning my wedding, and that’s ok. I get wanting to read blogs that you can relate to.

But my question is, if I start incorporating some more of the Every Day Molly, will you still read? I’ve been wanting to do a Day in the Life series, and after getting some good feedback about in on Twitter, am going to do a What I Wore-type post every now and then about how I (sort of) pull my wardrobe together my mixing affordable pieces with some nicer ones in an attempt to rock the Mom-On-The-Go look.

I don’t want to lose you guys. I want to read and laugh at your comments as I always have. I want to continue to begin email relationships and discover new blogs from the links you leave to your own.

All while telling you about budgets, boobs and babies.

What do you think? Yay, or nay?

I have some Tuesday Giveaway fun for you!

Re-Studios is an adorable Etsy shop featuring graphic word art pieces.

You can buy prints as is, or contact the artist to customize your piece with your own colors and words. Whether it be just a fun print, or a way to remember a special day, these pieces are a unique and personal way to jazz up your home.

Re-Studios is based out of Boston, so most of the pieces are currently New England-specific, although they are slowly starting to add new cities. Check back soon for the Brooklyn Bridge, and then some west coast prints!

But today, Re-Studios is offering up an 8×10 matted print, with five customized words! All you have to do is visit the site, then leave a comment here telling me which one you would pick by Sunday, May 15th . The winner will be chosen at random and announced on the following Monday.

They’re making me one of our wedding venue and I can’t wait to get it!

Happy shopping and good luck!

Some of my maternity shoot with the fabulously talented (and my dear friend) Anna of Anna Sawin Photography is featured today on Darling Little Details!

I love the idea of this blog. It’s the sister site to the wedding blog Lovely Little Details, and features adorable photos and inspiration sure to inspire baby fever. Thank you to Jacin for posting these today. It’s fun to look back and remember when Owen was inside, especially so soon after celebrating our first Mother’s Day.

You can see the full post here!

– I was feeling a little blah yesterday and reached out on Twitter for something to make me smile. Colleen made a suggestion that I thought was hilarious, and so I’m reaching out to all of you. She said, hey, think about your prom dress. I bet that will make you laugh! Actually, in the scheme of things, the dresses were pretty nice. The hair, however. Well, that’s another story.

So I was thinking, why don’t we all share our prom dresses! (Or, any formal dress). Because you know you have some what-was-I-thinking moment captured on film, and what better reason to break out the old scanner than making fun of yourself on the Internet?

If you’d like to participate (please do! So fun!), send me a photo and a little info about where it was taken to tlmoments (at) gmail (dot) com by Thursday morning. I’ll post a Flashback Friday post a week from today and we can all smile!

– Owen is cutting ANOTHER top tooth (arrrghhh haaate teething). It seems like we get only a few days to a week’s reprieve before he starts cutting another. I know it’s worse for him than for us, but seriously, the screeching? Meh. His front two teeth are full through, but it looks like one is a little chipped! He didn’t have any trauma to the mouth, it just looks like it came through that way. I don’t even know if that’s possible,  but to be sure, he’s going to tag along to Michael’s dentist appointment today for a professional look. As far as I’m concerned, if it is chipped, but is only a cosmetic issue, we’re just going to leave it alone. We’ll only take action if it’s something that will affect the health of his teeth.

– I’m going to be doing some freelance blogging for a beverage company, and the other day a box filled with their product arrived on my doorstep. Included was packages and packages of chai. You know all about my chai addiction. I emailed them immediately and told them they sure know how to facilitate a junkie. It certainly helps with the budget, having free chai on hand. I’ll tell you more about it later (giveaways!) after it’s up and running.

– Speaking of budget, I’m working on my April Food Budget Roundup. It didn’t go as well as it should, hence, the accountability on the blog. You guys will need to whip me into shape for May.

– Prom pictures? SEND THEM! Bonus if you were Prom Queen or on Homecoming Court. The sash and tiara? I die.

Since the February blahs are in full swing, let’s have some fun and get to know each other better. An unofficial delurking day. Fun!

Last time I did one I was introduced to so many great new blogs that I still read so if you write, be sure to link back to yourself so I can check you out.

Leave a comment and answer this question: what’s your guilty pleasure song?

Come on, we all have one. Mine? Well there’s actually a bunch, but Usher’s You Make Me Wanna brings me right back to middle school and makes Michael look at me like a weirdo when I sing it…knowing all the words!

Your turn! Can’t wait to see!

I’ve been very fortunate in my blogging career to meet some fabulous fellow bloggers in person. Even more fortunate, most of them have become really wonderful friends. I love that they all come from different walks of life; they are mothers, artists, fashionistas, city gals, country gals, and everything in between. What I love most about these women is our differences. The things that bind us are incredible, but the things that make them most unique and the things that are different from my own life makes them so interesting.

About a month ago, I had the opportunity to meet another blogger. Jenna of That Wife fame was on the East coast to photograph a wedding, and was sweet enough to come to my neck of the woods. I consider her to be one of the blogging Big Guys, so I was always kind of impressed she enjoyed emailing back and forth with me. When she mentioned she was going to be close by and asked if we could meet, I knew we had to make it happen.

Jenna was everything like I thought she would be. Bubbly, friendly, and SO excited to get her hands on Owen. She scooped him up in the biggest bear hug I had ever seen and covered him with kisses. “I love him!” she exclaimed, and I couldn’t help but share he enthusiasm. Sadly, she didn’t have her son — affectionately know in the blog world as That 1 — with her, or I would have done exactly the same thing.

We come from different words, she and I. I’m generalizing here, but she’s a LDS farm girl with an eye for photography and the most beautiful skin I have ever seen in person. Seriously, it’s like an airbrushed makeup ad. We have different views on politics, religion, birth and who knows what else.


We bonded anyway. Over our children. Over blogging. Over ice-cold fruit smoothies.

Over life.

I know I added another friend to my life the minute I met her. And I feel really fortunate about that.

There are times when I’m ready to stop blogging. When I think These Little Moments filled a special part of my life, but has run its course.

But then I come across the Jenna’s of the world and I think, maybe I’ll do this is a little bit longer.